Learn How Solar PV works

Solar PV systems utilise the sun's free potential energy and uses photovoltaic (PV) cell technology to turn sunlight into useable electricity, which in-turn can be used in a domestic capacity to run lighting systems and regular household appliances.

One of the main bene?ts to the UK renewable market is that you do not need direct sunlight to generate energy; the PV system has the capacity to produce a certain amount of electricity even in overcast conditions.

Photovoltaic panels (PV Cells) can be attached to your walls or roof depending on the optimum angle required for achieving the greatest energy return.

The cells are made up of double or single layers of semiconducting material which create electric ?elds when sunlight is applied, the greater the amount of sunlight hitting the material the more electricity (measured in kWp) will be produced, therefore increased ?nancial savings.

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