MCS certified monocrystalline solar PV panels

Stroma Solar source only the highest quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels from all over the globe to offer you the most efficient systems available in both performance and cost effectiveness.

Our current manufacturing suppliers are established companies such as ReneSola and JA Solar, emphasising our brand strength to our customer base.

With conversion efficiencies of up to 17.5%, our products are aligned with the best on the market.

High yield inverters for your installations

Converting direct current generated by your PV modules into usable alternating current, our current range of high yield inverters are sourced from established manufacturers from around the globe.

The units are highly efficient and reliable, forming the heart of your solar PV installation.

Supplementing the high efficiency rates are a host of new technologies ensuring the maximum amount of yield and the highest level of consumer satisfaction.

Wireless system performance monitoring

Web enabled remote system monitoring and analysis systems from Stroma Solar. These technologically advanced but simple-to-use products connect you to your installation wirelessly to generate and store important information about your system.

The systems can show live, as well as stored data for comparison and also operational performance compared with predicted outputs at design stage.

We currently offer two systems for wireless monitoring:

7" Touch Screen PC Tablet
Key performance data at your fingertips

This state of the art 7" touch screen PC Tablet (touch screen tablet) supplies access to all key data; such as daily pro?les, current output as well as the daily and total energy yield of your renewable installation at a touch of a button via wireless technology.

Key data can be stored on the device inde?nitely or on peripheral back up devices or PCs, this can then be analysed against the predicted design output and the warranty performance levels, therefore providing reassurance of overall system performance for the life of the system.

The PC Tablet also allows you to undertake usual PC applications for example website browsing, multimedia applications and gaming.

SUNNY BEAM with Bluetooth®
Wireless performance monitoring

The new and updated Sunny Beam now featuring Bluetooth technology isn't just aesthetically appealing; it's an innovative energy monitoring solution. Incorporating a large graphic display which is perfect for viewing key data such as daily profiles, current outputs, as well as daily and total energy yields. The unit has the capability to monitor the performance of up to 12 inverters, a monthly overview, the energy yield in a specific currency and the CO2 savings at the touch of a button. Data can be stored for a minimum of 90 days on the unit and can be transferred directly to a PC via USB cable. The Sunny Beam also features an audio signal to notify operators of potential system faults.

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