What is an EPC?

The Energy Performance Certificate outlines the energy efficiency rating of the property. The higher the rating the more energy efficient the property is and the lower the associated fuel bills will be. The energy performance certificate further details an environmental impact rating, which is a measure of a properties impact on the environment in terms of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The higher the rating the less the impact it has on the environment.

An accredited Domestic or Non-Domestic Energy Assessor will carry out a detailed inspection of the subject building and will collate and analyse information such as the buildings fabric/structure and its use, lighting, heating and air condition / cooling systems, as well as glazing and insulation materials. The diagnostics will formulate graphs and reports together with the issue of the certificate. The EPC compares the subject building to a benchmark similar building and hence a potential purchaser or tenant is informed whether the building has a rating above, below or average of a building of that type and age.

A property cannot fail the assessment and the rating will vary due to the type and age of the building, and what energy saving methods have been implemented.

The EPC is valid for a 10 year term, but if energy efficiency improvements have been made since, you may decide to update the EPC to take account of such improvements.

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EPC's - Are an essential step towards improving the environment


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Minimum Energy Standards April 2018

As from 1st April 2018 Non-Domestic and Domestic Properties cannot be let if they have an EPC Rating of F or G. This applies to new tenants and also existing tenants who are renewing their lease. 

We can help to assess the property's current status and most cost-effective route to compliancy. Exemptions may apply. 

If you wish to receive the full regulations email me, Zamir Borg-Mirza on zbm@epcassure.com



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